How do you choose a hairstyle for your wedding? The great news is that it’s actually quite easy! Give some thought to the following questions and you’ll soon have a good idea of what will work best for you.

What style of wedding dress are you having?

If yours is an informal and relaxed boho-style dress, then try soft and romantic curls or waves, either in a loose up-do or half-up. If your dress has a pretty back, an up-do will show it off (bearing in mind that for the majority of the wedding service your guests will be looking at your back!) – likewise if the back of your dress is plain or low cut, style your hair in beautiful loose curls so that your hair will be a focal point from the back.    

What length is your hair?

Many brides choose to go for loose curls as they give a romantic look – curls work well both on longer hair for a relaxed feminine look, and on shorter hair to give volume and balance with the dress. Your hair style will need to stay in place for 12 hours (or more!) so if your hair is mid-length or long and you are thinking of an intricate up-do, remember that it must be a style with stamina! 

Are you having a veil?

Your veil should sit comfortably on your hair, and although most veils are lightweight, they can flatten your hair. Aim for a hair style which is smooth on top and is well secured. Remember that your veil may catch on hair pins or other hair accessories, and also remember that an intricate hair style may not be seen particularly well through the veil.   

Are you having a tiara or flowers in your hair?

A tiara will sit on the top of your head towards the front, and so the front sections of your hair – and your fringe if you have one – have to be styled to show off the tiara as well as helping to keep it in place. If you have long hair, it is best to sweep it up or back off your face and secure it under the tiara, rather than leaving it loose.

Flowers, or flower-shaped accessories, can give a very modern twist to wedding hair, but the hair style should be a soft and romantic up-do to avoid it looking old fashioned. 

Remember to spend time trying out different wedding hairstyles in advance of your big day – you will probably have 2 or 3 possibilities in mind, and the morning of your wedding is not the time to be playing about with different styles!

Whether or not your hairdresser will be styling your hair on the day, talk to her / him in advance about conditioning treatments etc that can be done in the run up to your wedding to get your hair looking its best for the occasion.

At The Wedding Collection we are happy to advise on all aspects of your bridal ‘look’, not just the dress! We have helped thousands of brides-to-be with ideas for their big day, including suggestions on shoes, jewellery, and other accessories. Visit us in store at Hornsea Freeport.

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