If you can’t decide how to style your hair for the big day then don’t worry! Ask yourself the following questions to figure out what kind of hairstyle you should go for on your big day.

What Length Is Your Hair?

For the brides with longer hair, many choose loose curls for their big day. It gives a romantic and effortless look and can easily stay in place for the duration of your wedding. If you have shorter hair, curls can add volume. Be cautious about an intricate up-do though! Although it will look beautiful it’s important to think about how long it can stay in place.

What Style Of Wedding Dress Are You Having?

If your wedding dress has a pretty back piece then you should put your hair up to allow your guests to see this striking detail as they will be looking at you from behind most of the wedding service. If your dress is plainer in the back, the loose romantic curls mentioned beforehand will compliment this nicely. This hairstyle works with more informal dresses also.

Are You Having A Veil?

A veil is a beautiful accessory to have on a wedding day however if you’re going to choose to wear one remember that your intricate hairstyle may not be seen clearly. You should also remember that although most veils are lightweight they will flatten your hair, allow for a style that’s smooth on top and is well secured.

Sometimes it’s not all about the dress! Here at The Wedding Collection we are happy to give advice in all areas of your big day! Remember to spend time trying out different wedding hairstyles in advance of your big day – you will probably have 2 or 3 possibilities in mind so it’s best to be certain beforehand rather than in the morning of the wedding day! Visit us at Hornsea Freeport, no appointment needed!


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